Monday, 29 July 2013


It has been an awesome trip! The places we saw, the people we met, and the food we ate were amazing! God blessed our efforts greatly! Now incase your wondering what my favourite country was of the seven that we went to,  it would have to be Switzerland. it is the cleanest, the most organized and jut the prettiest.
So now for the cream of my crop:

 The Dias' swimming pool which I swam in the first day in Europe
 The first place we filmed at–Abide With Me and A Mighty Fortress
Saint Peters Basilica   

 The Vatican
 Inside one of the many churches–Such detailed architecture! 
 While in the Czech Republic we went to an organ/trumpet concert! It was amazing
 The Coliseum

 The Waldensian Valleys
 Setting up for filming at the "College of the Barbs"
 Mr. Bradshaw doing a song intro 
 Filming a discussion
 On the way up to the place were they hurdled the Waldensians over the cliff
 Near the top there was thick fog
 Jerick being Sketchy!
 Wartburg Castle
 My faithful iPod 'midst a sea of electronic devices 
 Geneva Switzerland, you've got to love that water! It was so warm – ya i went swimming in it 
 A huge geyser near the harbour in Geneva
 Well I didn't see a Bugatti, but I did see a McLaren which I wasn't expecting to see!
 One of the nicer Porsches we saw in Europe
A panorama of the City of Porto Portugal at night (the big building on the right is were ASI Europe was held)

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